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Southwest Marketing Ventures is adept at developing and implementing thoughtful, impactful marketing and branding strategies and tactics that are truly customized for each of our small business clients. Although we leverage our proprietary planning methodology for each engagement, we also drill down deep during the discovery process to make sure we understand the nuances that make your situation unique, discover what challenges you’re facing, and uncover the opportunities awaiting you.



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Once we help you finalize your marketing goals, strategies, and tactics, we won’t just hand you the plan and wish you good luck. Instead, we’ll actually show you how to flawlessly and cost-effectively execute the plan and then ensure continuous improvement over time.

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The team at Southwest Marketing Ventures has delighted a number of leading B2C and B2B brands, not just in East Texas, but all across North America as well. We’ve worked with a variety of small and mid-sized businesses in various industries. In addition, we have experience as marketing and business development executives for several Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Dell, and Abbott Laboratories!

Rutting Ridge
Dell Perot Systems
Southern New Hampshire University
True Value


We’ve assembled a virtual team of innovative, experienced, and diverse professionals at Southwest Marketing Ventures to help our clients reach or exceed their goals. These people are some of the most talented and accomplished experts in their respective fields. Although our founders live in East Texas, some of our other team members were cherry picked from other cities across Texas, as well as three other states. But we all stand ready as one cohesive team to help you grow and succeed!

Kent Huffman

Kent HuffmanCEO & Fractional CMO
> Marketing & Branding

Kent Huffman has 30-plus years of experience as a marketing, branding, and growth strategist and tactician. As their Chief Marketing Officer, he has successfully led the marketing teams for several Fortune 1000 corporations, including AT&T Capital and Perot Systems / Dell Services. During the past eight years, Kent has worked directly with dozens of small and mid-market companies in Texas, in several other states across the nation, and in Canada as their fractional CMO. 

Stephen Eggleston

Stephen Eggleston, President
> Business Development

 Stephen Eggleston served as a business development executive for Abbott Laboratories for more than 30 years. During his tenure there, Stephen not only drove significant sales revenue gains and market share growth, he also worked directly with the Abbott marketing and branding teams. More recently, Stephen has worked with a number of clients throughout East Texas, including a medical practice in Nacogdoches, a winery in Garden Valley, and retail store owners in Quitman, Winnsboro, and Atlanta.


A number of things make Southwest Marketing Ventures unique from other firms. One of those is our family of affiliates that bring additional value to our clients in a variety of ways. We’ve worked side by side with these proven organizations and individualsin many cases, over a period of several yearsto help enable our clients to succeed in reaching their short and long-term goals. When you engage with us, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the many important services that our affiliates make available to our clients.

Wood County Economic Development Council
Southwest Lifestyle Art Gallery
Bassmaster Elite Series
Scout & Cellar
Patriot Sporting Challenge


Over the past few years, we’ve learned a thing or two about marketing, branding, and growth. This is the forum where we share many of those insights with anyone who can benefit from that information.

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